School Rule Book

School Rule Book

Mfantsipim School - School Regulations

  • All boys are expected to observe rules and regulations.  There is no exception to this rule.  A breach of common sense is a breach of school rules:

    • All boys should arrive in school before 6.00pm on the day of re-opening
    • Prefects are to report a day before school re-opens
    • The Headmaster must be informed in writing beforehand, if a boy by reason of ill-health,bereavement, travel etc is unable to meet the deadline.
    • Supper will be served at 6.00pm after which boys must be found within the bounds of the school. At about 9.30pm a roll call will be conducted in the various dormitories under the supervision of housemasters.
SANCTION: If a boy fails to satisfy (2 iii) above and is not in school for a specific number of days, he should be made to do manual work covering the number of days he stayed away from school.

  • Monday to Friday.
Activity Time
Rising Bell 5:00am
Morning Duties 5:30am
Inspection 6:00am
Dormitories locked by Prefects 6:40am
Morning Assembly 6:50am
Classes begin 7:15am
Breakfast (1st Session) 8:35am
Breakfast (2nd Session) 9:15am
Lunch (1st Session) 12:35pm
Short Break 12:50pm – 1:00pm
Lunch (2nd Session) 2:35pm
Classes End 3:00pm
Siesta 3:30pm
Sports and Games etc 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Supper (SSS1 – SSS3) 5:30pm
Prep-All boys must be seated for evening studies 6:45pm
Evening Studies (Prep) begins 7:00pm
Evening Studies (Prep) ends for SSS1 and SSS2 9:00pm
Evening Studies (Prep) ends for SSS1 and SSS2 9:30pm
General Lights out 10:00pm

  • Saturdays
Activity Time
Rising Bell and General Cleaning 5:00am
Breakfast 8:00am
Saturday Morning Inspection 9:00am
Saturday Morning Studies (Prep) 10:00am - 12:00pm
Lunch 12::30pm
Receiving of Visitor (2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month 12:30 - 5:00pm
Supper 5:30pm
Entertainment 7:00pm -9:00pm
General Lights out 10:00pm

  • Sundays
Activity Time
Rising Bell 5:00am
Morning Duties 5:15am - 6:45m
Morning Service 7:30am - 8:30am
Breakfast 9:00am
Lunch 1:00pm
Siesta 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Supper 5:30pm
Entertainment 7:00pm - 8:30pm
General Lights out 9:45pm

NBSiesta is compulsory for all students. During siesta no boy should be found outside the dormitories. All boys must relax quietly in bed.

    • Boys must ensure that they have their passage money before the last day of the term.
    • School conference normally comes a day before the departure date and it is compulsory for all boys.
    • No boy may leave school before the closing assembly.
    • Dormitories must be cleaned, locked up and keys handed over to the Housemaster by noon on the day of departure for holidays.
    • All boys, except prefects, are expected to vacate the dormitories by noon of the day of departure. Prefects may leave a day after vacation.
    • Boys who leave their items in the locker rooms do so at their own risk.

School Rules - Offence and Sanctions

    • Fees are payable in advance or latest, on the re-opening day.
    • Boys who arrive after office hours or during week-ends must lodge their fees with their housemasters.
    • At least half of the total fees owed must be paid or lodged with the housemaster in the case of late or week-end arrival before a student is allowed into the boarding house. The remaining arrears are expected to be settled by the end of the second month after re-opening.
    • In the case of day boys, at least half of the total fees owed must be paid before they are allowed to enter their respective classrooms. The remaining arrears are expected to be settled by the end of the second month after re-opening.
SANCTION:A student who defaults in payment after a grace period should be sent home until full payment is made.
Boys must be NEATLY dressed at ALL TIMES:
  • Re-opening and closing days. Boys are expected to arrive and leave school in exeat clothes.
  • Classroom uniform - All students Red and Black Stripped shirt over prescribed black shorts.
  • Exeat uniform - All students. Friday Wear over prescribed Black trousers.
  • Saturdays - Exeat clothes White shirt over prescribed khaki trousers.
  • Sunday Morning Service:- Kente cloth or decent print cloth (Not sleeping cloth).
  • Sunday Evening Service:-White coat worn over a long-sleeved white shirt with school tie over white trousers. On certain specified occasions, the school cloth must be worn.
  • The attire for communal work and games:- White T-shirts over white shorts/PE pants. Under no circumstance must boys be found wearing any other attire other than those prescribed. CLOTHES OF EXCEPTIONAL SHAPE, STYLE OR DESIGN are prohibited in all school situations. Unapproved clothes will be CONFISCATED
  • Footwear:-
(a)For classes - Clean canvas shoes, sandals properly buckled, black or brown leather shoes properly laced. Leather or canvas shoes should be worn with socks.
(b)Local leather sandals may be worn with kente or     cotton prints.
(c)Bathroom slippers may be worn ONLY at the domestic site.
NB: All clothing above should be prescribed.

The Senior Housemaster shall define the school boundaries on the first day of the school year. Boarders should not leave the school grounds without permission indicated on their exeat cards. This includes going to the HOSTELS.

On no account should a group of students leave the school compound unaccompanied by a teacher.

Boarders may leave school on exeat three (3) times in a term subject to approval by the h\Housemaster. In special cases, permission to travel outside Cape Coast may be granted by the Housemaster but this must be approved by the Senior Housemaster. Students who are caught in town without exeat should be reported to the office of the Senior Housemaster for documentation.

Sanctions for Offenders:
1st Offence:- One (1) week internal suspension in hard labour (community service).

2nd Offence: -Offenders will serve two (2) weeks external suspension and will lose exeat for the rest of the term. On return, they must be accompanied by their parents to sign a bond to be of good behaviour.

3nd Offence:- Indefinite suspension / recommend withdrawal.

NB : For those who travel outside Cape Coast without exeat, the first offence will be treated as the second offence above while the second offence will be outright dismissal.

Students are not allowed to receive visitors during the week (Monday -Friday) except in emergency cases where visitors may leave a message or items with the Senior Housemaster/Housemaster/General Office.

The SECOND and FOURTH SATURDAYS of each month from 1.30pm - 5:00pm. At 4.45pm (on visiting days) the first bell would be rung to prompt visitors to leave. At 5.00pm, a second bell would be rung for all visitors to leave.

Boys must cultivate the habit of safeguarding school property which belongs not only to the present generation but the future as well. All damage to property belonging to or held in trust by the school must be reported to the appropriate authority wherever they may occur.
  • Dormitories- To prefects, Housemasters and finally to the Sen: Housemasters.
  • Classrooms :- To Class Monitors, Form Masters/Mistresses and the Assistant Headmasters.
  • Dining Hall :- Dining Hall Supervisors, Dining Hall Prefects, Masters on duty and Senior Housemasters.
  • Playing Field:-Sports Captains and Physical Education teachers.
  • Science Laboratory/Workshop :- Laboratory Technicians, Teachers in charge of class, Head of Department.
  • Computer Centre :- Master-in-charge.
  • Library : Library Prefects, Library Assistants, Librarian.
  • French Resource Centre :- Masters-in-charge, Head of Unit, Coordinator, Asst. Headmasters.
  • Electrical wiring or fittings : To Maintenance Officer, School Electrician '
NB:Any boy who is found to have damaged school property would be made to, replace it or may be charged THREE TIMES the current cost of the item.This is to serve as a deterrent.

Where the offenders cannot be traced, all the boys who occupy the dormitory, the classroom or those around the area at the time of the destruction will bear the cost of repair or replacement. The time limit for replacement is at the discretion of the school administration.

The following places are normally out of bounds to students except when accompanied by a teacher.
  • The stage, the gallery and the adjoining rooms at the Assembly Hall.
  • The Science Laboratories, the Workshops, the Computer Room, the Art Room and all other special (class) rooms.
  • The Staff Common Room and its adjoining corridors.


The School Dispensary opens daily from Monday to Sunday as follows:

Mondays to Fridays- period :- 6.00am - 6.40am
2nd period :- 8.40am - 9.50am
3rd period :- 6.15pm - 6.45pm

Saturday (Morning)-7.00 am - 8.OOam

Saturday (Evening)- 6.15pm - 6.45pm

Sunday (Morning)- 6.OOam - 6.40am

Sunday (Evening)-6.15pm --6.45pm
  • All cases of illness at any time must be reported to the dispensary:
  • Illness during class hours must be reported to the Assistant Headmaster. The class monitor will be informed if the illness is serious enough for the boy to miss classes.
  • Boys who may need bed rest during classes may do so in the sick bay on the advice of the school nurse.
  • The school doctor however attends to students on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Time:- 8.OOam.
  • Illness outside class hours must be reported to the Housemaster and then to the Senior Housemaster.


  • Boys are expected to attend classes in all the subjects for which they have been enrolled. No boy may drop a subject without the approval of the subject teacher and the Assistant Headmaster. Offenders would be sanctioned and the office of the Assistant Headmaster (Academic) must be duly informed.
NB: Where students have difficulty with subject combinations, counselors must be brought in.
  • Day students must endeavour to be in school by 6.30am for morning assembly from Mondays to Fridays. They are to stay in school till end of classes. Those who wish to attend evening classes may do so in school uniform. They should be seated by 6.45pm and may leave only after 9.00pm.
  • Sleeping in the Assembly Hall:- Boys found sleeping in the Assembly Hall and other obscure places during class hours will be severely dealt with. The sanction should be the same as stated in 10 (i) above.


  • Games are compulsory for all boys, except on doctor's advice.
  • Students taking part in games/sporting activities should observe instructions given by the Physical Education Department or any other person authorized to do so.
  • Games/Sports should end by 5.00pm. There should be no games on Saturday mornings before inspection (6.OOam - 9.00am) and on Sundays.

  • Attendance to church Services, evening studies, entertainment programmes, dining hall and house meetings is compulsory for all Students.
  • Boys are to vacate dormitories at least twenty (20) minutes before scheduled times for morning assembly, church services, entertainment etc. No boy may return to the dormitories during classes or any major school gathering.


Boys must be punctual at all times. Lateness is a serious offence. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE. Prefects and senior boys are expected to set the necessary example. Offenders are to be dealt with by masters-on-duty. Manual work like weeding, scrubbing, washing of plates in the dining hall etc are recommended for such boys.


The roll may be checked at random at any gathering by teachers and prefects: Staying away from any school gathering without permission is a serious offence. Offenders will be sanctioned as applied in article 12 (iii).

Boys must do whatever punishment is given them by teachers, prefects and other persons put in special positions of authority. Unlawful punishment by prefects and senior boys will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with. The unlawful punishment by boys includes physical assault, the use of canes on other boys as well as punishing boys after lights out.
    • Mfantsipim boys are expected to show love to one another at all times. Bullying, seizure of articles, extortion of money, food etc of other boys is punishable by suspension or dismissal (depending on Disciplinary Committee's findings).
    • Corporal punishment by any boy is forbidden. Physical assault by any officer is likely to lead to his removal from office, suspension or both.
    • Boys are expected to exhibit personal cleanliness at all times.
    • Classrooms, dormitories and the school grounds in general are. to be kept in good sanitary condition at all times. Litter, empty tins etc must be put in the dustbins provided.
    • Eating inside Dormitories, Classrooms, the Library and Assembly Hall is a serious offence. Offenders should be made to clean the affected places for one (1) week.
    • Desecration of school property - furniture, telephone booth, buildings etc is punishable by surcharging the guilty offenders.
All staff houses are out of bounds to boarders. With the exception of Housemasters's bungalows, boys may visit staff houses ONLY on invitation, but such visits must not contravene other school rules otherwise such boys should face the necessary sanctions as stipulated under article six(6)

Items like petrol, kerosene, liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), lighters, insecticides and OFFENSIVE WEAPONS are prohibited. Such items will be confiscated. However, in the case of misuse of weapons parents of the affected student will be invited for discussion and necessary action taken as considered fit by the Disciplinary Committee.


Boarders must strictly observe the boarding house time-table with special reference to times for sleeping and waking-up. During Lights-Out there must be complete silence and no lights are allowed in the dormitories and prefects's rooms. No junior boy should be sent on an errand or punished after lights-out. Offenders should be dealt with by masters on duty. Manual work like weeding, scrubbing etc is recommended for such boys. Subsequent offences attract external suspension for two (2) weeks. The affected student will return to school with parents to witness him sign a bond to be of good behaviour.

NB: Offences categorized as 1" offence, 2"° offence and 3`° offence must be reported to the office of the Senior Housemaster or the Assistant Headmaster (admin) as the case maybe for accurate records.


These rules and regulation are base on the G.E.S Unified Code of discipline, offence and sanctions as tabulated below. It is hoped that these strategies will aid the students in becoming more consciously aware of their actions and to developing socially acceptable behaviour.

All forms of examination, whether class or end of term are compulsory for all students. Any boy who cheats in examination or refuses to take an examination commits a very serious offence.
  • 1st Offence Cancellation of paper and external suspension for two (2) weeks.
  • 2nd offence - Withdrawal.
2 Any boy who absent himself from classes for twenty eight (28) consecutive days without permission will be made to repeat the class.
NB; Any boy who absents himself from school for a whole term without any just cause will be withdrawn from the school.
  • 1st Offence - Six (6) strokes of the cane.
  • 2nd Offence - Manual work, sweeping and scrubbing of the ablution at the academic site or washing plates in pantry.
  • 3rd Offence - Offender must be referred to the Counseling Unit for appropriate action.
3 Boys who fail to attend school gatherings and return to the dormitories during such gatherings commit very serious offence.
  • 1st Offence - Manual work for one (1) week.
  • 2nd Offence - Two (2) weeks internal suspension in hard labour (community service)
  • 3rd Offence - Four (4) weeks external suspension and offender returns to school with parents to sign a bond to be of good behaviour.
4 Flouting the authority of the Headmaster. and other members of staff both teaching and non-teaching.
  • 1st Offence - Six strokes of the cane and one (1) day manual work.
  • 2nd Offence - Two (2) weeks external suspension and offenders return with their parents to witness them sign a bond to be of good behaviour.
  • 3rd Offence - Withdrawal.
5 Flouting the authority of prefects, monitors, supervisors, administration and members of staff.
  • 1st Offence - One day manual work.
  • 2nd Offence - One (1) week community service.
  • 3rd Offence - Withdrawal.
6 Possession of drugs such as cocaine,
wee/marijuana, narcotics and other
psychedelic drugs
  • By outright dismissal
7 Withholding of information from the authority relating to bullying, stealing, seizure of articles, extortion of money and food, breaking of bounds, destruction of school property and any other act. Sanctions will include the following based on the gravity of the Information withheld and the findings of the Disciplinary Committee.
  • 1st Offence - One (1) day internal suspension
  • 2nd Offence - Two (2) weeks external suspension and offender returns to school with parents to sign, a bond to be of good behaviour.
  • 3rd Offence - Dismissal
8 Petty theft
  • 1st Offence - One (1) day manual work and warning:
  • 2nd Offence - One (1) week internal suspension in hard labour (community service)
  • 3rd Offence - Withdrawal
9 Stealing * Withdrawal
10 Keeping visitors after stipulated time
  • 1st Offence: Three (3) days of internal suspension
  • 2nd Offence: One (1) week internal suspension. Parents of affected students would be invited to witness boys sign bond to be of good behaviour.
  • 3rd Offence: Withdrawal.
11 Entertaining visitors inside the
  • 1st Offence: One (1) week internal suspension
  • 2nd Offence: External suspension for two (2) weeks and offenders are to come with their parents to witness them sign bond to be of good behaviour.
  • 3rd Offence: Withdrawal
12 Rude behaviour of students towards Prefects, Monitors, Supervisors, Teaching and Non Teaching staffs irrespective of time and place is a
punishable offence
  • 1st Offence - Suspension from class to
undertake three (3) days' manual work.
  • 2st Offence - External suspension two (2) weeks
  • 3rd Offence - Withdrawal
13 Indiscriminate urinating around school
  • 1st Offence - Caning
  • 2nd Offence - One (1) week internal suspension
  • 3rd Offence - Two (2) weeks external suspension and offenders return to school with parents to sign bond to be of good behavior.
14 Saturday morning general cleaning must involve all students. Absent without permission
  • 1st Offence - One (1) week internal suspension
  • 2nd Offence - Two (2) weeks external suspension
15 Electrical or communication appliance like stoves, heaters, radio-cassette recorders, mobile phones. Simple torch lights, pressing iron however, are allowed.
  • Such items found with boys should be confiscated
16 Boys found making calls at these booths during school hours and during other school gatherings such as prep, entertainment, dining etc commit serious offence.
  • 1st Offence - Seizure of phone card and four (4) strokes of the cane.
  • 2nd Offence - One (1) week internal suspension e).
  • 3rd Offence - Two (2) weeks external suspension and the affected student returns to school with parents to sign a bond to be of good behaviour.
17 Breaking bounds
  • 1st Offence: One week(1) week internal suspension.
  • 2nd Offence, Two weeks external suspension,
  • 3rd Offence: Outright dismissal
18 Bullying and Assault External Suspension or Withdrawal (depending on Disciplinary committee's findings
19 Clothing - unprescribed Confiscation of items
20 Damage to school property Replacement of item or surcharged three times
21 Absent from school gathering or roll calls 1st offence: one (1) week manual work
2nd offence : one (1) week internal suspension
3RD OFFENCE : four weeks external suspension




The rule is that a boy's name registered on admission must not be changed. This is necessary in view of past attempts at impersonation at the Basic Education Certificate Examination. A change of name also affects the school's "alphanumeric" recording and filing system.




Parents wishing to withdraw their wards from the school should give a FULL TERM'S NOTICE. Such notice should reach the Headmaster in writing two weeks before the first day of the boy's last term in the school. The penalty for failure to give notice is payment of a full term's fee.


Fees are remitted directly to the Headmaster. Remittances are to be by Bank Draft or Money Orders and Postal Orders. Money Orders and Postal Orders should be crossed and made payable to the Headmaster.


Pocket money given to a student is to ensure that he has sufficient funds for his personal expenses and Sunday collection. Parents should open an E-Switch Account for their wards into which pocket manies should be deposited. Your co-operation is earnestly sought in the training of the children to use money economically.


Students should come with health insurance cards to enable them access health facilities without difficulties.
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